Color Design Ammonia Free Color Cream 6.5 Dark Mahogany Blonde 3.4 oz

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Formulated with Ceramide A2, Color Design hair color conditions the hair. Hair becomes softer and healthier after the color service.
ColorDesign color is super economical and affordable with one of the lowest price points on the market but with the highest quality ingredients on the market. ColorDesign color delivers shine and luminosity.
ColorDesign holds color like no other color system, and when it does fade, it never fades to an unwanted or unexpected tone.Fadage is very slight and is on tone.
ColorDesign colors have great mix-ability to give the colorist an extremely creamy consistency with a product that can be applied with either a bowl and brush or a tint bottle.
ColorDesign colors have the nicest fragrance on the market. No heavy ammonia smells just a pleasant tropical fragrance never obtrusive or overbearing.
ColorDesign has a beautiful rich shade selection allowing for true control of warmth and the most vibrant tones available. A neutral series that guarantees gray coverage and a Chocolate series that is all the rage for todays brunettes. Color Design uses the finest pigments and raw materials available.
Ammonia Free.